Kelly Taylor Meme3 favorite seasons [2/3] Season 10

Kelly Taylor Meme5 best storylines [2/5]
The Kelly, Dylan & Brenda love triangle, season 3

Kelly Taylor Meme3 favorite relationships [2/3] Kelly & Brandon

Kelly Taylor | bh90210 ● Perfectly Perfect
A compilation video i made of Kelly’s addiction to diet pills/self esteem issues on Beverly Hills 90210, during season 3. Which is, in my opinion, one of the best or maybe even the best storyline she has done during her 10 years on the show. Don’t forget to watch in 1080p HD for best quality.

Kelly Taylor Meme2 favorite friendships [2/2] Kelly & Brenda

Kelly: "Brenda! I am a spring princess!"
Brenda: "Kelly! I don’t give a damn!"

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For anyone out there who also likes/loves Melrose Place, i’ve changed up my old account dicaprioaddict to livingatmelroseplace. Cause of my huge love for the show. I will be posting edits, gifs and video’s on that account. Especially of my favorites Alison, Billy, and also Sydney & Michael. 

Kelly Taylor Meme1 favorite episode of each season [2/10]
Season 2 2x11 “Leading From The Heart”