Kelly Taylor Meme2 least favorite relationships [1/2] Kelly & Mark

Kelly: “You’re in such a hurry to become a millionare Mark; everytime the phone rings bet someone it won’t be me, you’ll win everytime!”

Kelly Taylor Meme2 favorite family members [1/2
Kelly & Jackie Taylor

Kelly Taylor Meme3 favorite seasons [1/3] Season 3

Kelly Taylor Meme5 best storylines [1/5]
Season 3 Kelly’s Eating Disorder 

"My life is a total mess and nobody understands!"

Kelly Taylor Meme3 favorite relationships [1/3] Kelly & Dylan

Dylan: ”You said choose. I chose. I chose you. I want you … I’ve always wanted you.
Kelly: ”With Dylan, i don’t know… it’s like he’ll always have a piece of my soul.”

Kelly Taylor Meme3 favorite friendships [1/3] Kelly & Donna

Donna: ”If there’s anything you need, you know I’m always here for you. Kelly: I know.
: And you know I love you. Kelly: I love you too.”

Kelly Taylor Meme1 favorite episode of each season [1/10]
Season 1 1x07 “Perfect Mom” 

"When you are drinking mom, you are nothing, to nobody!"

Guys, i think about doing a Kelly meme. Like 1 favorite episode of each season, or 3 favorite friendships etc. Will start with it soon. Hope you’ll enjoy. =)