For anyone out there who also likes/loves Melrose Place, i’ve changed up my old account dicaprioaddict to livingatmelroseplace. Cause of my huge love for the show. I will be posting edits, gifs and video’s on that account. Especially of my favorites Alison, Billy, and also Sydney & Michael. 

Kelly Taylor Meme1 favorite episode of each season [2/10]
Season 2 2x11 “Leading From The Heart”

Kelly Taylor Meme2 sad scenes [1/2] Jimmy’s death (7x05)

icon batch 04: bh90210 (mix)

icon batch 06: melrose place (Kelly, Jake, Donna & David)

New updates are coming up.

Due to health issues i haven’t been able to sit behind the computer as much as before. But i am now working on some new stuffs. Might take a little longer than usual, but just so you know i am working on it.

Beverly Hills 90210 - Group seasons 1-4

Kelly Taylor Meme2 least favorite relationships [1/2] Kelly & Mark

Kelly: “You’re in such a hurry to become a millionare Mark; everytime the phone rings bet someone it won’t be me, you’ll win everytime!”

Kelly Taylor Meme2 favorite family members [1/2
Kelly & Jackie Taylor